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          首頁 >> 產品展示 >>回流焊系列 >> 無鉛回流焊MR-800C


          • 商品說明
          • 商品參數

          Reflow soldering can be equipped with central support and dual rail.

          • 無鉛回流焊采用Windows 7系統,中英文界面在綫任意切換,操作簡便;

          • 西門子PLC+模塊化控制,性能穩定可靠,重複精度更高:

          • 回流焊采用雙溫度傳感器,雙安全控制模式,系統異常會自動切斷加熱電源;

          • 采用上下獨立溫控和風速可設計,滿足各種高精度無鉛焊接工藝要求;

          • 新型爐膛設計有效地縮小了大小元件之間的溫差,確保焊點可靠性的同時,消除了對元件熱損傷的隱患;

          • 階段式強制冷卻系統輕易地實現各類無鉛錫膏的冷卻速率要求(≥30℃/秒):

          • 回流焊爐可配中央支撐和雙導軌。

          • Windows 7 system, in the English and Chinese interface online arbitrary switch, easy to operate;

          • SIEMENS PLC+ modular control, stable and reliable performance, higher accuracy:

          • Double temperature sensor, double safety control mode, the system will automatically cut off the heating power supply;

          • The upper and lower temperature and wind speed can be designed to meet the requirements of various high precision lead free soldering process;

          • The new furnace design effectively reduces the temperature difference between the size of the components, to ensure the reliability of the solder joints, the elimination of heat damage to the component;

          • Stage type forced cooling system to easily achieve the cooling rate all kinds of lead-free solder paste requirements (less than 30 DEG C / s):

          型  號   MODEL MR-800C MR-1000C
          外型尺寸(L*W*H) 5000x1350x1500mm 5700x1350x1500mm
          顏色  Standard Color 計算機灰 Computer Grey 計算機灰 Computer Grey
          重量  Weight Approx.2350KG Approx.2550KG
          加熱區數量 Number Of Heating Zones 上Up8/下Bottom8 上Up10/下Bottom10
          加熱區長度 Length Of Heating Zones 3121mm 3591mm
          排風量要求 Exhaust Volume 10M3/minx2(通道) Exhausts 10M3/minx2(通道) Exhausts
          冷卻區數量 Number Of Cooling Zones 上1 TOP 1
          整流板結構 Nozzle Plate 加厚耐高溫特種多層過濾鋁板 Aluminium Alloy Plate
          電源功率要求 Electric Power Required 53KW 60KW 
          啟動功率 Power For Warm Up 25KW  30KW
          正常功率消耗 Power Consumption 7KW 9KW
          升溫時間 Warming Time 約 Approx.25 minute 約 Approx.25 minute


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